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How to Retain a Saint Lucie County Process Server for Court Service of Process and Subpoena Delivery Services in Saint Lucie County .Hiring A.C.E Process Servers in Saint Lucie County FL is easy and you are only a couple clicks or a call away.

Regardless of the type of service you are seeking hiring us to perform, you should start with contacting us in Saint Lucie County by email or via our toll free telephone number. We prefer email correspondence as you can be specific about your needs and will avoid possibility of miscommunicating. The A.C.E representative who receives your email or telephone call will be a licensed process server or private investigator.

If you are contacting us for service of process in Saint Lucie County we request you first provide us with the exact zip code of the address where service is to be made. We establish our flat rate fees based upon the address and how many miles the designated address for service is from our closet process server to the address and data you provide.

The second part of hiring is, you provide us with specific directives as to the timing / deadline of your service. Timing is another aspect how we will base your flat fee quote. You should know, the faster you need service the more expensive it could be.

The third and final part of retaining us is for you direct and provide us how service must be performed. Even though you anticipate service will be made in Saint Lucie County, we will serve your legal documents in accordance with the laws of [YOUR] the issuing court. So, please make sure you advise us how process should be made in Saint Lucie County.

The procedure used to hire A.C.E Process Servers to handle your service in Saint Lucie County FL

Take Three Easy Steps and Your Service Can Be Active.

  1. 1. Provide us with the exact address in Saint Lucie County where we will be going to serve and deliver your documents.
  2. 2. Be specific about your timing and or deadline when service must be finalized
  3. 3. You must provide us with the statutes or laws for proper service of process. Remember, the laws we follow for proper service will be from the state where the action was initiated, not the laws in Saint Lucie County.

Note: The above procedure for hiring us to perform services in Saint Lucie County applies to all services we provide. When you need legal support service with our company please email or call us with applicable details and directives.

We perform process serving, subpoena services and courthouse services as quickly as possible. We cannot guarantee nor can we be responsible for the actual amount of time it takes to complete your service request.

Fees for anticipated Processs Services in Saint Lucie County FL vary according to location, the time associated with waiting and or returning to the location and the type of service you requested.

Services performed in Saint Lucie County are handled by A.C.E Process Servers only. Our service offerings in Saint Lucie County FL are contracted, professionally timed and performed three ways.

Standard Timed Process Serving Services

Standard service of process services in Saint Lucie County FL are performed within a week to ten days. Standard services are the least expense as they are not time sensitive. Please be advised, we quote a week to ten days yet we aspire to complete services sooner than later.

Rush Timed Process Serving Service

Rush service of process services in Saint Lucie County FL are performed within two to three business days. Rush services cost more and are handled with a sense of urgency to meet a quick deadline.

Priority or Same Day Process Service in Saint Lucie County FL

Priority and Same Day services in Saint Lucie County are performed as quickly as possible and usually within 20 hours. Priority and Same Day services are the most expense as they require the highest level of specialized handling and have the fastest time sensitive deadline for finalizing service. Our Priority and Same Day service are usually finalized within hours but can take as long as 24 hours.

Tracking and Monitoring your Service in Saint Lucie County FL

A.C.E utilizes a proprietary online system and allows you Internet-based real-time access. When it comes to tracking your service in Saint Lucie County, we give you access to check status of current services, view invoices for services rendered and interact on a real time basis with our agents.

We assign an easy to remember access and passcode for you utilize 24/7. You may utilize your private online account to see the status of your service every step of the way. Our on line system is provided in the interest of sustaining accuracy and consistency in reporting details and giving you access to copies of your affidavit, invoices and perhaps to review the details of what transpired with your service.

Setting up your online account is real easy. Simply contact our office via email or speak with one of our client service representatives at 888-406-6517.

Once you have your username and password, you can:

  • Place your service request(s) with us online
  • Track service details from the date of receipt, through each attempt and to the final conclusion of your service.
  • Create and manage your account information so you will always have access to the details of each service rendered and copies of all paperwork
  • View Unpaid and Paid invoices
  • Arrange payment by Credit Card, ACH transfer or by Business Check

Helpful Hints before requesting service in Saint Lucie County FL

Make sure your service request instructions are clearly defined e.g. Where will the documents be served (PROVIDE ZIP CODE). When is the last day the documents can be served? Provide as many details about the person who we are serving.

We do NOT accept documents of requests for service by US Mail. When sending documents Overnight Courier to A.C.E Process Servers for service, please include three copies of each document.

To retain an A.C.E Process Server in Saint Lucie County FL please call 888-406-6517 or EMAIL US NOW.